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Muong Te is a poor and remote district of Lai Chau, a newly set-up province in the far north-west of Vietnam. Amongst the poorest provinces in the country, Lai Chau also boasts the largest diversity of ethnic minority peoples, with 20 different ethnic minorities living together in the province.

The average income per person is just $168 a year, far less than the national average of $480. Local people depend on agriculture and forestry as their main livelihood; however an increasing population and land use regulations are reducing the amount of arable land. Poor infrastructure, health care, and education quality also hamper the continued development of the area.

Muong Te is 98km northwest of Lai Chau along the scenic Da River. The majority of the population is ethnic Thai, although they have assimilated and are nearly indistinguishable from the Vietnamese. Other minority groups found in the area include the Lahu( Khau Xung) , Si La and Ha Nhi.

Take time to Muong te, there's only Market and some nearby villages. Guest houses are available there also.